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Revistas do 1º e 2º quartil

  1. Ali, H.E., Jimenez, R., Ramos, P., de la Cruz, J.P., Fernandes, J.R.A., Bretos, I., Calzada, M.L., Ricote, J. The role of PbTiO3 layers in piezoelectric multilayer composite films based on Pb(Mg1/3Nb2/3)O-3-PbTiO3. THIN SOLID FILMS 2017, 636, 730-736. Q2
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  5. Conceição, D.S., Ferreira, D.P., Graça, C.A.L., Júlio, M.F., Ilharco, L.M.; Velosa, A.C.; Santos, P.F., Vieira Ferreira, L.F. Photochemical and photocatalytic evaluation of 1D Titanate/TiO2 based nanomaterials. APPLIED SURFACE SCIENCE 2017, 392, 418-429. Q1
  6. Conceição, D.S., Ferreira, D.P., Prostota, Y., Kachkovsky, O.D., Vieira Ferreira, L.F., Santos, P.F. Long-wavelength absorbing fluorescent polymethine dyes derived from the 6-(N,N-diethylamino)-1,2,3,4-tetrahydroxanthylium system. JOURNAL OF PHOTOCHEMISTRY AND PHOTOBIOLOGY A: CHEMISTRY 2017, 347, 218-226. Q2
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  9. Cristelo, N., Cunha, V.M.C.F., Gomes, A.T., Araujo, N.; Miranda, T., Lopes, M.D.L. Influence of fibre reinforcement on the post-cracking behaviour of a cement-stabilised sandy-clay subjected to indirect tensile stress. CONSTRUCTION AND BUILDING MATERIALS 2017, 138, 163-173. Q1
  10. Fangueiro, D., Pereira, J.L.S., Macedo, S., Trindade, H., Vasconcelos, E., Coutinho, J. Surface application of acidified cattle slurry compared to slurry injection: Impact on NH3, N2O, CO2 and CH4 emissions and crop uptake. GEODERMA 2017, 306, 160-166. Q1
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  13. Fernandes, R.M.F., Wang, Y., Tavares, P.B., Nunes, S.C.C., Pais, A.A.C.C., Marques, E.F. Critical Role of the spacer length of gemini surfactants on the formation of ionic liquid crystals and thermotropic behavior. JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY B 2017, 121, 10583-10592. Q2
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  21. Fonseca, A.R., Fernandes, L.F.S., Fontainhas-Fernandes, A., Monteiro, S.M., Pacheco, F.A.L. The impact of freshwater metal concentrations on the severity of histopathological changes in fish gills: A statistical perspective. SCIENCE OF THE TOTAL ENVIRONMENT 2017, 599, 217-226. Q1
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    Revistas do 3º e 4º quartil

  73. Delia, L., Jordão, A.M., Ricardo-da-Silva, J.M. Influence of different red grape and wine phenolic compounds species (oak, acacia and cherry) used in a short period of aging on the quality of 'Encruzado' white wines. MITTEILUNGEN KLOSTERNEUBURG 2017, 67, 84-96. Q4
  74. Garcia-Diez, J., Alheiro, J., Falco, V., Fraqueza, M.J., Patarata, L. Chemical characterization and antimicrobial properties of herbs and spices essential oils against pathogens and spoilage bacteria associated to dry-cured meat products. JOURNAL OF ESSENTIAL OIL RESEARCH 2017, 29, 2, 117-125. Q3
  75. Garcia-Diez, J., Alheiro, J., Pinto, A.L., Falco, V., Fraqueza, M.J., Patarata, L. Synergistic activity of essential oils from herbs and spices used on meat products against food borne pathogens. NATURAL PRODUCT COMMUNICATIONS 2017, 12, 281-286. Q4
  76. Lemieszek, M.K., Nunes, F.H., Sawa-Wejksza, K., Rzeski, W. A king bolete, Boletus edulis (Agaricomycetes), RNA fraction stimulates proliferation and cytotoxicity of natural killer cells against myelogenous leukemia cells. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MEDICINAL MUSHROOMS 2017, 19, 4, 347-353. Q4
  77. Mihalik, J.R., Mihalik, M., Jaglicic, Z., Vilarinho, R., Moreira, J.A., E. Queiros, Tavares, P.B., Almeida, A., Zentková, M. Magnetic phase diagram of the TbMn1−xFexO3 solid solution system. PHYSICA B 2017, 506, 163-167. Q3
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