Lab 1. Materials chemistry 

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Lab 2. Organic chemistry 

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Lab 3. Food chemistry 

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Rotational Rheometer


Water activity meter


Lab 4. Environmental chemistry 

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Lab 5. Spectroscopic and Thermal Analysis 

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UV-vis spectrometer (Spectrometer Instruments)

UV-vis continuous radiation system coupled to a UV-vis spectrometer (Varian, Cary 60)

FTIR-NIR spectrophotometer (Unicam, Research Series) with a heated golden-gate ATR accessory

TGA - Thermo Gravimetric Analyser (TA Instruments, Q50) Re-equipment project FCT/2005

Differential Scanning Calorimeter (Setaram, DSC 131)

Potentiostat /Galvanostat  (Autolab, model 100)

Electrochemical Impedance spectroscopy


Lab 6. Imaging analysis 

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  • IMG_9222


Polarized Optical Microscopy

Lab 7. Chromatographic Analysis

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GC-MS/MS spectrometer (Thermo-finnigan) - Re-equipment project FCT/2005

GC-FID Gas chromatograph (Thermo-finnigan) - Re-equipment project FCT/2005

IC - Ionic chromatograph (Dionex) - Re-equipment project FCT/2005

HPLC - High performance anion exchange chromatograph with a pulsed amperometric and a conductivity detector (Dionex) - Re-equipment project FCT/2005

Lab 8. Structural Analysis

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  • IMG_9272
  • IMG_9287

XRD - X-ray diffraction, PANalytical MPD (omega/2teta) with X'Celerator detector and secondary monochromator; low angle acessory for XRR and zeolites. Re-equipment project FCT/2005

Electronic Microscopic Unit (  ( Edifício das Ciências Florestais, Telf: 259 350 801,

SEM - Scanning Electron Microscopy, FEI Quanta 400, W filament; EDS/EDX from EDAX.

TEM - Transmission Electron Microscopy, LEO/ZEISS 906E, W filament.
Carbon coater, Polaron

Gold sputtering, Polaron

Ultramicrotome, RMC

Lab 9. Soil Testing and Plant Analysis Laboratory

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  • IMG_9262
  • IMG_9261


 Inductively coupled plasma optical emission spectrometry (ICP-OES)

 C,N elemental analysis

 Segmented flow analyzer

Lab 10. Spectroscopic analysis

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  • IMG_9179

Electrothermic atomic absorption spectrometer (Unicam, 939 Spectrometer with a GF 90 Furnace)

Flame atomic absorption spectrometer (Thermo Scientific ICE 3000)
UV-vis spectrometer

High-temperature oven 1600ºC (Termolab)