The CQVR performs research in fundamental and applied areas of Chemistry. It aims to use scientific knowledge to the welfare of the society developing new advanced materials with improved performance for application in different devices, new solutions to match the agro-food industrial activity with a healthy environment, new food products and new food safety monitoring techniques.

Even though the research fields addressed by the CQVR researchers have a global impact, some of them have a special importance in the region being developed in collaboration with local companies, helping them to be more competitive in international markets.

The unit comprises 35 members organized in four groups: materials chemistry, applied organic chemistry, environmental chemistry and food chemistry & biochemistry.


The unit was evaluated four times since its foundation and received each time the same evaluation: 2002 (Very Good), 2007 (Very Good) and 2013 (Very Good), 2019 (Very Good)

The unit is funded by FCT through the projects UIDB/00616/2020 and UIDP/00616/2020


Condições para Integração no CQ-VR

Resultado da Avaliação FCT 2019

Painel Externo de Avaliação

Decreto Lei n 63_2019 (Estabelece o regime jurídico das instituições que se dedicam à investigação científica e desenvolvimento)

Despacho Normativo n 5_2019 (Homologa as alterações aos Estatutos da Universidade de Trás-os-Montes e Alto Douro, Anotado)